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Goal Setting for 2012

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Way too often in life, I come across people who are sleeping through their lives working the 9-5 job, and living paycheck to paycheck.  I truly believe that with life’s passions, comes even bigger rewards for your health and wealth.

It is very important to set goals for yourself, and work towards achieving them.  Whether you are looking to improve upon your personal life, your health, your wealth, or your overall well-being, setting goals are the first step.   It is amazing how good you can feel by just completing small tasks and the positivity that will grow inside you.

Start by making small goals:

  • Clean out and purge my office!
  • Clean out my closet and through away clothing I have not warn in 3 years!
  • Clean out my car!

These may seem like simple small tasks, but by completing them, you will feel a sense of achievement.  I strongly believe if you are living in a chaos environment, your life will be in a chaotic state.  Organize the small things around you, and you will find yourself sleeping better, thinking better, and working with more energy!

Wealth goals for 2012:

  • Start contributing to your employers RRSP plan – especially if they have matching contributions!  This is FREE money your employer is willing to give you, all pre-tax dollars
  • If you do not have an RRSP plan through work – get into your bank!  Start a monthly PAC, as little as $50.00 bi-weekly into your own RRSP Plan.  Starting paying yourself!!!
  • Complete your 2011 taxes.  If you are getting a refund – put 100% towards your debt this year.  Do not use it for a shopping trip, vacation, spa day, etc.  Start paying off your debt.  Once you start paying it off, you will feel liberated that you took control of your financial future.
  • Complete a credit check.  Call Equifax and get your credit check, to make sure there are no collections, or issues with your credit.  Find out what your score is, and start improving it NOW!

I believe your goals for your health, wealth, and your overall well-being are all interconnected.  When you are working in a more focused environment, you are much more productive and living a healthier life style. 


The Mortgage Woman


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