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Rewards that Aren't Food!

When Eating Pretty, it's easy to have a perfect week and then feel like you want to celebrate with some no-so-pretty food choices.
Instead, why not try one of these guilt-free reward ideas that make you look and feel even better than you already do?!

Here are a few of my favourite self-rewards when I need a little something to reward my hard work:

Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelet
Buy a charm for every 5-10 pounds lost


A haircut
Change up your look!

Ballet Slippers

Dancing Lessons
Learn some hot moves for your hot new bod

Woman at Spa

Book a day at the spa
Look and feel good!

Nail Polish

Get a mani or pedi
It always feels nice to be pampered

Black Dress

Buy a sexy dress
When you feel great and look great, self-confidence is boosted and people will notice. Remember, confidence is sexy

Lipstick Mark

Try a new shade of lipstick
Inexpensive and fun

Shopping Bag

Go shopping!
Hit the ma ll and try on new styles that accentuate your new bod


Buy new lingerie
Ultimate item of clothing to make you feel sexy


Get yourself a bouquet of flowers
Giving yourself some love is a must!

The Sweetest Thing Movie

Buy your favourite movie on dvd
Have a relaxing evening in while enjoying your favs


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