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What are you Eating For?


I had a conversation with one of my best friends this week Heather about weight and happiness. Heather and I both have had struggles in our past with our weight. We have also been through some very similar life challenges, and when times got tough so did the number on the scale.
Truthfully though, haven't we all had hard times? I think in this day and age it's odd if you haven't had to live through the pain of divorce, disease or death. Sadly, these things are so common that they have affected us all on some level in life and you can consider yourself a truly rare and blessed person if you haven't.

Everyone has a vice, food, booze, drugs, shopping, fitness.... I am assuming many of us have used food and drink as a means to 'blow off steam' of everyday life. The thing is, most of the time we are completely unaware we are doing so.

Before I started this company and became a nutritionist - I broke up with my boyfriend of 5 years. Suddenly I was going out more which involved lots eating and drinking, taking late night trips to the convenience store for my daily fix of chocolate and floating from day to day with no real direction of when to eat or workout. On the flipside, a big agenda of being social, meeting new boys to take my mind off the old one - which entailed high heels, martinis and the bar food at the restaurant me and the gals ended up at.
I'm not saying life wasn't fun. Everyone needs those nights once-in-a-while. I still have them. They are just planned now. And surrounded by a week of Eating Pretty and working out - so it doesn't effect me mentally or physically.

I guess what I am trying to say is, sometimes life takes over our mental being. We as humans are conditioned to react and ease pain with vices. So you aren't eating with a plan of becoming fat (obviously) - you are eating with subconscious intent to cover up pain.

My favorite Twitter page to follow posted this today:

"When you stop eating food compulsively feelings come up. Weight loss is more about dealing with those feelings than the food"

...and I couldn't agree more.

Based on my own opinion of my personal experiences and in dealing with friends and clients; A woman who is at her heaviest, when she has been a smaller size she felt good at in the past - is always unhappy. Weight is often a symptom of a deeper issue. Divorce, abuse, hating your job and honestly, all of life's issues can be a part of the problem. The most common I see is women who feel that they are in a rut with no direction - they tell me they feel like they are just going about the daily business of working, paying bills, eating fast food, sleeping, and repeat. There's no passion and no goals. Nothing to look forward to but that chocolate bar or cold beer. The weight is just an offset of not being conscious of what you aren't happy about. This is why I always urge you to set goals - Get yourself excited about something and have a plan of action in place!
I challenge you to recognize what you are eating for, feel free to write me about it - I would love to hear about it and help you make the changes needed. When you consciously focus on the positive, an abundance of goodness follows. Always.

Some of you will think this is cool, some of you won't relate, and some of you this will strike a nerve with in a hard way.
Whatever it does. I hope you take from it the message I mean to convey which is to not become a victim to your emotions. We all have challenges. Recognize 'what you are eating for' and don't succumb to emotional eating.

Be aware and conscious of your lifestyle live the life you want.
The human mind can only have one conscious thought at a time - make it a good one!


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