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Eating Pretty While Traveling for Business

One thing I really get asked while I am on the road is “how do you still eat well, while living in a hotel for a week?”  Simple is it all about choices. 

In my experience on being on the road you just have to set yourself up for success.  When I arrive in a new city I make it a point to know where the nearest grocery store is.  I will buy enough groceries to last the duration of my stay. Most hotels will accommodate you with a fridge in your room usually for a nominal fee.   

If you have a microwave in your room, you will be able to make eating pretty meals in the luxury of your hotel room. You just need to get a little creative.   

Many people use travel as an excuse to not “eat pretty” however you cannot blame the travel, it is you  who has the power to make better food choices while on the road.   


Here is a checklist of things I bring while on the road with me: 

  • A small pairing knife (must be in checked baggage) 
  • A small cutting board
  • A peeler 
  • Black pepper 
  • Dried thyme  
  • Plastic steam bags (to cook vegetables and proteins in the microwave) 


If your job requires that you entertain clients at restaurants there are still ways to “eat pretty” too.  Always order a salad, dressing on the side and ask for plenty of vegetables on it.  Skip the croutons and added bacon on the salad as they are high in hidden bad fats. 

Ask for a main that is grilled, such as chicken or fish and ask that it come with a vegetable side – steamed not fried. 

Always drink water at dinner, as your meal may have been prepared with more salt than is recommended on a daily basis.  So that extra water is going to help flush that out of the system.   

A quick way of know how much water you need on a daily basis is to divide your weight by half and that is how many ounces you need in one day.  For example if you weighed 120, divide by 2 = 60.  Therefore you would need 60 oz of water daily.   

To be successful  remember it takes a little bit of effort, however the rewards are a “Prettier You”



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