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Spring Cleaning for your Health!

Spring is here!  This means it’s time for a little spring cleaning and I love to clean.  The feeling I get by reducing clutter and dirt from our home gives me great satisfaction and the mental benefits that I reap from a clean house are well worth the effort I put in.   Having a disorganized and dirty home can create both negative mental and physical effects, so it’s important to take the time to clean it up.  No time to clean? Not fond of cleaning?  Here are a few good reasons as to why you should spring clean your home for health.

Our homes are a collection bin for our “stuff”.  When the collection of this “stuff” becomes overwhelming, it can become stressful and cause anxiety.  Reducing the clutter in your home not only decreases this stress, but also promotes feelings of contentment and satisfaction.   Cleaning out your home can leave your mind feeling less cluttered and at ease.  Plus, getting organized will help you to minimize your stress levels beyond more than just a clean house.  You’ll be able to find your belongings when in a rush, bills will be properly filed away and there won’t be any tripping hazards lying around.

A top-to-bottom spring cleaning will also result in a reduction of dirt, dust mites and animal dander.  These allergens among others can cause headaches and sneezing and may weaken your immune system.  Your body will greatly benefit by reducing the amount of allergens and dirt in your home.  Don’t forget to clean out the A/C and replace or clean the furnace filters.  Just because you can’t see the dirt in the air, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

Did I mention that cleaning will help you to burn calories?  The chores you do around the house - dusting¸ vacuuming, cutting the lawn and running up stairs while zipping from room to room carrying laundry - can burn calories and stretch and tone muscles when done correctly.   Put a lot of elbow grease into the work!

Lastly, to truly reap the benefits of a clean, yet non-toxic home, you need to ensure that you are using green products when cleaning.  Put on the rubber gloves and be selective as to what you are using.  There are many non-toxic household cleaning products out there to choose from and you can even find websites that will teach you how to make your own. 


Happy cleaning!







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