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Closet Clean Out!



Even though this crazy weather may think otherwise, it’s spring! And with spring comes bright and colorful fashions, my favourite part!

Every year about this time I evaluate two things: my bank account and my closet.

Seeing all the bright colors, fresh patterns and endless crop tops at the mall, I can’t help but want to spend, spend, spend! I swear I’m addicted, so it’s important for me to check my funds, and make sure I have enough to do a little splurging. Then, once I’ve decided (or convinced myself) I have the money, I begin phase two: closet cleanout! I rip every article of clothing out of my dresser and onto my floor. I go to the washroom and fix my hair and make-up up as if I was going out, and begin to try on every item and decide if it stays or goes. I break down my evaluation like this:

Does it look good?


  • Will I ever wear it?
  • Have I already worn it?  
  • Will I wear it this season?   
  • Can I alter it into something pretty?                          
  • Do I really need it?                                                   
  • Would my sisters want it? 
  • Would Kate Bilton want it?
  • Should I donate it to Goodwill?


  • Would my sisters want it?
  • Would Kate Bilton want it?
  • Can I donate it to Goodwill?
  • Is it garbage?


Confusing I know, but it is actually is quite productive and useful. As I answer these questions I separate the clothes into piles. One for the clothes I’m keeping, one for the clothes I will alter, one for the clothes to my sisters/Kate Bilton, one for the clothes to Goodwill and one for the clothes that are garbage. Once the entire process is complete I usually have just under half my closet empty! I then sort through the piles of clothes I’m keeping and determine what I already own, and decide what I want to buy to complete my spring/summer wardrobe. Then I make a list and hit the shops! Honestly the best feeling in the world is when you come home from an amazing day of shopping and your bags are full of bright, new clothes that you want to wear right away!

For instant happiness ladies, try my version of ‘Spring Cleaning’, not only will you get the joy of new clothes, but you’ll feel refreshed and detoxed of all the old clothes taking up room in your closet!

If you evaluate your funds and you find you don’t have enough for new threads, take your boring old clothes and alter them yourself! It won’t cost you a penny to take a t-shirt and cut it off to be a crop top! If you have boring or damaged jeans, cut them off to be shorts! It free, easy and fun and you’ll receive that same refreshing and happy feeling!

Have fun ladies!


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