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Bridal Party Etiquette

Ok, ladies we all know the most beloved season is upon us. No, I don’t mean summer I mean Wedding Season! With Wedding Season comes the never-ending Engagement parties, Buck and Doe’s, Bachelorette parties and bridal parties! I find the event people have the most difficulty with is Bridal Parties. These are especially difficult because guests are unsure of what to wear, what to give and how to act. But look no further my friends! I am here to help.

            What to Wear: This is one of the events that you can get away with wearing white. Of course, you may not want to be dressed head-to-toe in white, but white pants and a white skirt are always a great way to go. If you are going to wear a dress I recommend wearing cream or an off-white just so you don’t look like a mini bride-to-be. The key to dressing for a bridal party is to look classy without stepping up the bride. Whatever you do, you do not want to look better than the bride. This is her bridal party for her big day not yours.

For Spring bridal showers I wear a nice dress, a skirt (the lies slightly above the knees), or black or white pants with a simple, floral top with a cardigan. For fall and wedding bridal showers I dress as if I was going to work, just with better hair. Seriously though, I wear black dress pants (or white dress pants-no jeans) and a bright coloured blouse or a white blouse with a colourful cardigan.

            What to Give: With this question comes an extremely obvious answer, what she registered for! On the invitation it will generally tell you what store the bride is registered at. It is ok to get the bride something you know she loves and will use - however, it is best if you stick to the registry.

            How to Act: Ok, this one is the most important, so pay attention. Every shower is different depending on your relationship with the bride. Say, for example, the bride is your best friend, then chances are you will know almost everyone at the shower. However, the bride could be just a friend from work and chances are you may only know two or three other people. No matter what the situation, you want to be on your best, friendliest behavior. Aka your living pretty behavior! This party is not to be confused with the bachelorette so be polite, kind and don’t be afraid to make new friends!

Always keep your smile on and laugh a lot! The bride wants to see that her guests are having fun! Also be patient as I know that waiting for the bride to open her gifts may be very time consuming.
Overall, just make sure you’re having a great time! Remember to thank the hostess and the bride before you leave.


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