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Your (Oral) Well Being


Let’s face it. There aren’t many people we allow in our intimate space, and all things considered, the mouth is pretty intimate.

Think of all the things that come from our mouths. A big warm smile, our words, laughter & song. Aside from exercising we have the most control over what we put in our mouths to take good care of our bodies. Our digestion begins in the mouth. Pleasure from delicious whole foods starts…in our mouths (I know, noses play a big part but you get where I am going with this) What I am trying to point out is the important role our mouths play in overall health and well being.

Lets go through that list one by one…and allow me to elaborate.

Allowing someone into our intimate space can be very daunting. Terrifying even.
From the perspective of a dental professional, it is of utmost concern to feel that you see trustworthy dental professionals and are made to feel comfortable during your dental visits. If not, use that mouth to speak up.

From experience, I can say that most dental phobias are either from a long-past event, or fear of the unknown. I can also speak from experience that when someone acknowledges your fears, and vows to do everything possible to ensure your comfort, you might be very surprised at just how brave you really are. Be honest with your dental professionals about your concerns and fears, and it is my belief that they will help you feel comfortable. If for any reason that isn’t the case…we live in a world of choice.

My wish for everyone is genuine reason to smile. I don’t mean a smile to hide you are sad, angry, or just plain false, but a true irresistible turning up of your pretty lips and a sparkle in your eye. What brings about this type of smile is different for everyone. The best thing I ever did for myself and my world was to learn what made ME smile, and I have worked hard to ensure I keep what makes ME smile in high priority.  The same respect goes for our words, laughter, song…find what brings the following about, and stop at nothing to incorporate whatever it is into every single day.

Obviously, once you have found your irresistible reasons to smile, giggle, belly laugh, express yourself…you better have a healthy smile to show off!

See your dental professional (that is welcome in your intimate space) on a consistent basis, as best suits your mouth. Ensure you are comfortable with that professional to inform you of all options and decide together, based on your needs what is the best approach.

Brush and floss daily, habits that can minimize the effects of plaque and tartar and gingivitis. (I have yet to meet an adult mouth without a spot or two of inflammation, so you can’t excuse yourself from this. 

Eat whole, unprocessed foods. Avoid sugary & processed…eat solid meals. Snacking and sipping can be detrimental to teeth and gums due to acid exposure and excessive plaque build up.

Take good care of your mouth, and it will take care of a lot for you when you need it to smile, to express yourself , to eat,  to kiss,  to laugh, to give a presentation, to chat with your girlfriends, partner, dental professional, banker…etc!

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” – Thich Naht Hanh




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