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Microwave Usage: Convenience vs. Health

As Pretty Eaters, we take the time to think about what we are putting in our bodies.  However, what can often be forgotten is how we prepare our foods and the techniques or “devices” we use that can actually kill our food’s nutrients!   As such, I challenge you to decrease your use of the microwave.

 Here are some reasons why:  

-          Microwaves alter the elemental food substances which can cause digestive disorders

-          The chemical alterations to the food can cause lymphatic malfunctions  

-          Microwave exposure significantly reduces the nutritional value of food

The following pictures an easy at-home experiment that you can try, showing the decline in plant health using microwaved water:


Think of it like this- sure, microwaves are convenient for quickly heating up food, but grabbing a chocolate bar is also convenient for a quick snack and I think most of us have been able to cut that out! Minimizing your microwave usage is an adjustment, but with a bit of time and forethought you will not miss using it at all. Instead, you should feel comfort in knowing that what you’re eating is as nutrient- dense as it can possibly be!

For more health tips visit Krista’s blog at:  http://kristabutlerhealth.wordpress.com/

*Photos from:  http://dcnewsman.blogspot.ca/2012/02/microwave-water-dangers.html


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