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Fall = Fresh Start!

Fall means Fresh Start!


Ok, now that I've dried my tears and gotten over the sadness that comes with the end of summer, it's time to celebrate! Sure, summer is amazing but you can make fall just as amazing too!


To me, fall always serves as a fresh start: New wardrobe, new job, and new accessories, what could be better? For the fall season I like to sign-up for a new class like a yoga class, boot camp class or even a language class! (TIP: It's more fun if you do it with a girlfriend). I also like to go out and buy new sweaters and boots and then I buy a new bag! (I bought an adorable tan bag in August and I'm debating buying another one just because it's September).


Then, I go home and clean my entire house, closet and my car and I get rid of everything that I haven't used or worn in the past three months. 


And finally, to kick off fall with a bang: I have a dinner party with my girls! Might as well bid adieu to the warm summer months with my favorite friends!

Happy fall! :)



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