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Health, Wealth and Wellness

Way too often I meet women who are scared to look at their finances, and they are in complete denial about their financial future.  The buy now, pay later effect on your credit cards, line of credits and loans are causing millions of people every year to go more into debt than ever before.

When looking at your Health, Wealth and Wellness – the truth is that they are all interconnected.

Our wealth plays an integral part on our overall well-being. 

It is important to eat clean and treat your body with the respect it deserves.  We need to refuel ourselves every 3 hours in order to have sufficient energy to make it through the day.  We need 8 hours of “high-quality” sleep at night in order to function and feel fully rested.   Ask yourself:

  • Do you lose sleep at night because of the current debt you are in?
  • Are you an emotional shopper?
  • Do you feel guilty after making large purchases, knowing the money should have paid off some debts?
  • Do you find yourself living pay check to pay check
  • Do you live monthly on your credit card, lines of credit balances – just paying the minimum?
  • Do you go monthly to the Spa? Nail Salon? Hair Salon? Tanning Salon?
  • Do you ‘buy now ‘, with the plans to ‘pay later’?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, then you are a normal Canadian Woman. J 

But if you do not start to implement change in your Wealth situation, your debt will grow to the point that you will no longer be able to manage.  This will have a dramatic effect on your health and wellness.

One of the first financial books I ever read was “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.  This book shaped my life, and taught me so much about how I should be spending my money.  Every pay check I receive – I pay myself first. 

Tara Wilkins is a bill/account that must be paid bi-weekly

Whether this is in the form of a Savings Account, TFSA, GIC, RRSP, and or a combination, this is the number one thing that has made me financially free.  You can pay yourself $50.00 bi-weekly, or $200.00.  It is completely up to you.  I pretend that this money does not exist because I can never touch it.  The account is paid, and I cannot take that money back.  Paying myself first is not set up as an emergency saving’s account for when I am running low on cash flow.  I already have an emergency funds that I put money into…this money is for the Tara Wilkins Financial Freedom Fund.  It is going to allow me to retire early with no debts.

Now it is time to take a huge dose of reality…just like our pants are fitting a little tightly, your credit cards have no more room.  STOP the cycle.  It is time to cleanse your finances.

You do not need to cut up your cards, or cancel them but get rid of them.  Lock them in a drawer and convince yourself that they no longer exist.  Call your credit card companies and try to get them to lower your interest rate.  If your card is at 29% - you need to pay this off or ask them to lower the rate.  Most companies are willing to work with you, they might lower it, or they might say no.  But at least you are taking control.

Try to live on cash.  Give yourself a budget for the week and see if you can do it. I have given myself a weekly budget of $100.00.  This does not include my cell phone bills, car bills, or gas.  These are considered my “needs”, not my “wants”.  I have found I can go a week with spending less than $40.00 if I am paying attention to my spending habits.  I will save the $60.00 for the following week to allow me to get my nails done, or go out with my girls for some drinks.  If you have ever watched “Til Debt do us Part”, the first thing the couples are made to do is live on cash – and to record everything you spend your cash on.

When you meet a nutritionist they might ask you to record everything you eat in a week.  This will allow you to keep track of your bad eating habits, and we will start to see patterns in our eating. Well the same things are true about your finances. If you are not paying attention you can over indulge, over spend, and allow our emotions to influence our spending habits.

If you were to think about all the people you know who you perceive to be “wealthy”, what other characteristics do you see?  Do they treat their bodies well?  Do they work out? Do they eat clean?  Do they have goals? Do they sleep soundly?

You will find that these people are not only rich in Wealth, but in Health.

So it is time to pay yourself first, lock up your credit cards, give yourself an allowance, and record what you are spending your hard earned money on! 


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