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How the Women at Eating Pretty Inspire Me

Intern Dana McLeod gives us one of our most flattering reviews to date. We love her!

Microwave Usage: Convenience vs. Health

Learn why we should stay away from microwaving our foods!

Spring Cleaning for your Health!

Spring Cleaning gives more benefits than just a sparkling clean home!

Focus On Thyroid Health

Angela reviews factors that could be slowing down your fat loss hormone production, and gives tips on how to help!

Networking do's and don'ts

Tips on the 'How To's' of Networking

Fall = Fresh Start!

Take Kate's advice and start this season off on the right foot!

Creating a Magical Space to Manifest at Lightning Speed!

Read about how you can make your dreams reality with Shelly's tips!

Proper Care For Your Pretty Smile

Kim James, RDH tells us the importance of Proper Oral Care

Why Proper Digestion is Important to Weight Loss

Krista shows you how your digestion might be keeping you from attaining you goals!

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